Project Description

What is Youtide 第益肽®?

Youtide 第益肽® is a premium natural AGP alternative, featuring probiotics Bacillus licheniformis from healthy piglets and its metabolites (bioactive small peptides).
The core ingredient is the biological small peptides ,which can regulate the balance of intestinal flora and has a good preventive and therapeutic effect on enteritis and diarrhea.
This biological small peptides is composed of 42 amino acids, it possesses an α-helical structure with a molecular weight of 4.7k Da.

It has a clear metabolic pathway and biosynthetic mechanism, with a clear and quantifiable structure. They have a strong inhibitory effect on harmful intestinal bacteria such as G- (represented by Escherichia coli) and G+ (represented by Staphylococcus aureus), with a low minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC), and are easily evaluated in vitro.

Youtide structure


-Laying hens
Improve egg production rate, prolong peak egg production period, and significantly reduce feed to egg ratio;
Prevent salpingitis in laying hens and reduce the incidence of watery diarrhea in laying hens.

-Broiler chickens
Regulating the immune function of broiler chickens, significantly improving their survival rate and daily weight gain, and reducing the feed to me ratio;
Inhibiting pathogenic bacteria such as Clostridium perfringens and Escherichia coli, and improving fecal formability.

Significantly reduce piglet diarrhea rate and improve survival rate;
Regulate immune function, significantly improve daily weight gain of piglets, and reduce feed to meat ratio.

-Breeding pigs
Improve the intestinal health of sows and reduce postpartum constipation;
Regulate maternal immune function, increase litter size, birth weight, and weaning weight; Improve survival rate

Prevent bacterial diseases and enhance the body’s immune system.
Significantly reduce the mortality rate of fish and shrimp in the early stage, improve the growth rate in the later stage, and reduce the feed coefficient.

-Cattle and sheep
Enhance the body’s immune system, reduce mastitis in cows and bacterial diarrhea in calves and lambs;
Regulate rumen and intestinal health, significantly increase daily weight gain of beef cattle and sheep, increase cow production, and improve fee conversion rate.