Project Description

45% acidifier+3% essential oil


Citric acid、sorbic acid、essential oil;the total acid is 45%,essential oil is 3%

Product characteristics and efficacy

1、 Stable acid and essential oil
The unique sustained-release microcapsulated technology ensures that the active components at undissociated,the essential oil is non-volatile, and can be slowly released throughout the intestinal segment, especially can reach hind gut where accumulate a lot of harmful bacteria, to play an antibacterial role
2、 Synergistic antimicrobial activities
Citric acid is the intermediate of the tricarboxylic acid cycle, which can significantly regulate the balance of intestinal microorganism. Sorbic acid has strong antimicrobial properties and essential oil has remarkable bacteriostasis. Combined use can enhance bacteriostatic and antibacterial ability.
3、 Increase appetite and promote absorption
It has good palatability, unique fragrance of essential oils can stimulate feed intake, promote digestion and absorption, improve FCR.
4、 Increase resistance, reduce diarrhea and constipation
It can improve the intestinal health of animals, improve the resistance of livestock and poultry, reduce diarrhea, promote intestinal peristalsis through acid regulation, improve sow constipation, promote sow milk production, improve milk quality, and enhance the physical fitness of piglets


Promote digestion and increase appetite, 500g/ton of feed.

1.starter, grower, finisher, can promote the growth of pig.
2.Before hybridization to 35days before delivery, in sows, improve weaning weight.

When diarrhea occurs
500g/ton of feed + 10% colistin sulfate 1kg/ton. not only improve diarrhea but also promote beneficial bacteria, inhibit harmful bacteria, quickly rescover the balance of intestinal flora.


Store under dry conditions below 25ºC.

Expiry date is 2 (two) years after date of manufacture.


25 kg bags: Inner lining is made of polyethylene; outer layer is made of 3-ply paper.