Project Description



Ammonium formate ≥24%

Acetic acid ≥8.5%

Lactic acid ≥0.5%

Citric acid ≥0.5%

Formic acid ≥30%

Product Description:

Acidmax is is a clear blue liquid with typical sour odor. It is an advanced liquid acidifier designed to meet the requirement of current feed industry and animal husbandry..
Acidmax adopts buffered formula technology which is mild and friendly to animal and equipments. With buffered system it could stably and continuously release acidity, and keep the effective PH value in drinking water and feed.


  • Purify and clean drinking water, kill pathogenic bacteria.
  • Remove the biofilm,prevent scale in water pipe.
  • Reduce dosage of antibiotics.
  • Improve intestinal flora balance,maintain intestinal health.
  • Enhance eggshell quality.
  • Reduce ammonia emission to reduce respiratory disease.


1.0-2.0 kg/ton of drinking water.

Storage and Shelf life:

Stored in cool, dry, ventilated room, this product could be stored for 18 months after the date of manufacture in the unopened original packaging. Keep the packaging tightly closed, once opened, use the content quickly.


5kg/barrel, 25kg/barrel, 200kg/barrel and 1000kg/IBC