Project Description

D-Cloprostenol sodium injection

It is used for the treatment of cows’ persistent corpus luteum. It induces the dissolution of corpus luteum, and makes cows return to normal estrus.

[Description] This product is a colorless transparent liquid.

[Pharmacological Action] It is prostaglandins drug. D-cloprostenol is a functional synthetic analogue of natural prostaglandin PGF, which has a strong effect on dissolving the luteum. D-cloprostenol is 3-4 times more active than cloprostenol (racemic mixture). Strong dissolution of the luteum causes rapid degradation of the corpus luteum. As a result, a rapid decline in progesterone production occurs. After the dissolution of the corpus luteum, follicle development begins in the ovary, and the dam returns to normal estrus and ovulation. D-chloroprostol also can cause contractions of uterine smooth muscle, and has a contractile effect on the uterus.

Intramuscular injection of d-chloroprostol is absorbed quickly in pigs. The time to peak is 30-80 minutes, and the concentration to peak is 2µg/l. In addition, the distributed concentration within the uterus and ovary in the target area was high with short half-time period, which is only 3 hours. It is excreted mainly through urine and feces, and eliminated quickly.

[Usage and Dosage] Intramuscular injection: 2ml (0.15mg of d-chloroprostol) for cows per dose.

[Adverse Reaction] No adverse reaction has been detected with the recommended dosage.

[Matters Need Attention] 1. It is contraindicated in pregnant cows whose miscarriages are not hoped.

2. It is contraindicated in cows’dystocia caused by facors such as abnormal fatal position and mechanical resistance.

3. It is contraindicated in cows with cardiovascular diseases or respiratory diseases.

4. It should be kept in a dark place at the temperature between 1℃and 10℃ after the bottle is opened, and it is effective within 28 days. The unused part should be discarded.

5. Contamination should be avoided when this product is touched.

6. Pregnant women or patients with asthma, tracheobronchial or other respiratory diseases mustn’t touch this product.

7. It should be washed immediately with plenty of water if the product has a direct contact with the eyes or skin.

8. Kids should be avoided to be exposure to this product.

[Withdrawal Period] 0 days for cows

[Specification] It is weighted by C22H29ClO6. (1) 2ml: 0.15mg; (2) 20ml: 1.5mg


[Storage] It should be kept airtight, and stored in a cool and dark place.

[Term of Validity] 24 months