Project Description

[Common Name] : Compound S-GnRHa for Injection

[English Name] :  Injection of the salmon GnRH analog

[Name in Pinyin] : Zhusheyong Fufang Guiyu Cuxingxianjisushifangjisu Leisiwu

[Major Ingredient] : S-GnRHa, domperidone

[Description] : This product is white freeze-dried block-shaped substance or powder

[Pharmacological Action] : Hormone drug; S-GnRHa can promote fish to release gonad-otropic hormone; domperidone is a neurotransmitter dopamine antagonist which can stop dopamine from restraining the releasing of gonadotropic hormone and enhance fish’s releasing of gonadotropic hormone

[Indications] :It can stimulate the releasing of gonadotropic hormone and be used to induce ovulation and spermiation for fish.

[Usage and Dosage] : Pectoral fin, veutro and intraperitoneal injection; Mix one bottle of drug with 10ml water for inject to prepare the suspension liquid; one injection for grass carp, silver carp, bighead and mandarin fish, with a dosage of 0.5ml/kg; one injection for megalobrama amblycephala and white fish of Taihu Lake, with a dosage of 0.3ml/kg; black carp needs two injections: 0.2ml/kg for the first injection and 0.5ml/kg for the second injection, there are 24-48 hours between these two injections; halve the dosage for male fish.

[matters need attention] :Fish using this product is forbidden to eat by people

[Specification] : S-GnRHa 200µg + domperidone 100mg

[Package] :It is packed in penicillin bottle, 10 bottles per box

[Storage] : Sealed tightly, and kept in cool, dark places

[Period of Validity] : Three years