Project Description

Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone A3 for injection

It can promote animal anterior pituitary to secrete luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), whereby the maturity of ovarian follicles is promoted to ovulate. It can not only immediately release the hormone synthesized by pituitary gland, but stimulate the synthesis of hormone. It can promote spermatogenesis for male animals.


This product is white freeze-dried blocks or powder.

[Function and use]

Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone A3 is Polypeptide hormone drug. It is commonly used to:

1. Improve the litter size;

2. Improve the pregnancy rate during estrum;

3. Treat poor maturity of follicles, delayed ovulation and follicular cysts;

4. Strengthen the effect of super-ovulation;

5. Strengthen the function of corpus luteum.

[Usage and Dosage] 

When injected, it shall be diluted with sterile water for injection or sterilized saline water.

I. Application in Cattle Reproduction

1. Promoting the restoration of ovarian function and shortening the calving interval: intramuscular injection of 5-15μg within 8-18 days after delivery; once a day for 3 consecutive days.

2. Improving pregnancy rate: a. intramuscular injection of 25μg during mating can significantly improve the pregnancy rate in estrum; b. intramuscular injection of 25μg about 40 days after delivery, intramuscular injection of 0.2mg of PG with an interval of 6 days, and intramuscular injection of 20μg with another interval of one day can obviously improve the pregnancy rate within 60 days after delivery.

3. Treatment of follicular maldevelopment and delayed ovulation: intramuscular injection of 25-30μg during mating or 2 hours before mating.

4. Treatment of multi-follicle development: intramuscular injection of 25μg each day for 3 consecutive days.

5. Treatment of ovarian cysts: intramuscular injection of 25μg each day for 5 consecutive days and intramuscular injection of 100mg of progesterone in the meantime; in order to prevent recurrence, progesterone shall be injected for multiple times three months after pregnancy.

II. Application in Porcine Reproduction

1. Improving the pregnancy rate and litter size of sows in estrum: intramuscular injection of 25-50μg 0-4 hours before mating after estrus occurs to sows can increase the average litter size of sows by more than 2 heads.

2. Low sexual desire for male pigs: 25μg each day for 3-5 consecutive days.

III. Application in Sheep Reproduction

After the target ewe started normal estrus, intramuscular injection of 5-10μg of this product shall be conducted immediately, and mating shall be implemented 4-6 hours later (if the ewe is not in estrus, 0.5-1ml of trinity-hormone can be used for each ewe to promote estrus). If the instruction is followed, the twinning rate for goats shall be increased significantly, and the litter size for sheep shall be increased.

IV. Application in Other Domestic Animals

Implementing intramuscular injection during mating or several hours before mating to improve pregnancy rate and litter size: 15μg per deer; 3-5μg per rabbit; 15μg per dog or fox; 5μg per animal for skin.


Long-term and high doses of application will cause heterogeneous effect, namely obvious inhibitory effect.

Generally, any other type of hormone shall not be used while this product is used.


10×15μg       10×25μg      10×50μg         10×100μg


Shaded and airtight; stored under the temperature of 20℃.

[Term of Validity]

3 years

[Withdrawal Period]

No provisions