Project Description

Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin(PMSG)

  • It has the activity of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone

  • It can promote the development and maturation of ovarian follicles for female animals and cause estrus and ovulation.

  • It can improve sexual desire of male animals and promote spermatogenesis.


This product is white freeze-dried blocks or powder.

[Function and use]

Hormone drug. It is commonly applied:

1. In super-ovulation of embryo transplantation.

2. To improve the twinning rate for ewes, and enhance the effect of estrus synchronization for the receptors.

3. To spur female animals into estrus, promote follicular development, and cure recessive estrus or failure to come into estrus due to inactive ovarian function.

4. To cure multiple-follicle development due to ovarian hypofunction and infertility due to alternate development of follicles on both sides.

5. In estrus induction and estrus synchronization.

6. To cure aspermia, oligospermia, poor sperm vitality and low sexual desire for male animals.

[Usage and Dosage] 

When injected, it shall be diluted with diluents.

Doses for each animal:

1. 1000IU for yellow cattle; 2000IU for buffalos; 1000-1500IU for cows; 2000-3000IU for super-ovulation

2. 1000IU for pigs (plus 500-1000IU of HCG), or 1000IU per 100kg by weight

3. 300-500IU for sheep; 600-1000 IU for super-ovulation

4. 1000IU for deer; 1500IU for red deer

5. 30-50IU for rabbits; 100IU for minks; 300-500IU for nutria; 500-1000IU for dogs and foxes; 200-400IU for cats

6. 5-10IU for mice; 10-20IU for rats


1. It should be prepared as needed since the product is easy to lose efficacy in aqueous solution.

2. Antibody PMSG shall be used cooperatively in the later period to improve the effect of super-ovulation.

3. Intramuscular injection of A3 or HCG can be implemented during mating to promote the effect of ovulation and pregnancy.


5×1000IU + 5 bottles of diluent


Shaded and airtight; stored in a cool and dark place (2℃-8℃).

[Term of Validity]

3 years

[Withdrawal Period]

No provisions