Project Description

Quality Assurance

Our company strives to focus ourselves on the product quality, material cost and has accomplished the aforesaid the best combination in order to reach the goal of the customers’ satisfaction and safety toward the company’s products.

Our company offers comprehensive quality assurance system ranging from product development, product design, product verification, purchasing, material incoming controls, production, process control, final product control, reliability testing, customer complaint handling of after-sales service. Our quality assurance system is focused on improving product quality, correcting operational methods and fulfilling customer requirements.

Achieving a sufficiently high level of quality doesn’t just happen, it is the result of constant inspection and comparison. Every stage of production is operated and closely supervised by skilled and dedicated staff. For better quality, product inspection is carried out, taking into consideration every conceivable condition the product may encounter in its lifetime of performance.

The entire team is dedicated to meet development and mass production schedules, delivering low cost and reliable products, and providing effective customer complaint handling and after-sales service, to allow our customer to feel confident and satisfied with our products and services.