Overcoming Challenges

Ruminant producers world-wide are confronted with numerous challenges:

  • High costs of raw materials and feed ingredients;
  • Great variability in prices for milk products, cheese and meat;
  • Constant pressure on providing high quality, safe end products;
  • Increased production level;
  • Metabolic challenges;
  • Constant seek for higher feed efficiency.

These technical challenges affect directly the ruminant health and well-being, noticeably during the most stressful periods:  the early life stages of the calf and the cow transition period and early lactation.


Phiphar’s R&D service is constantly improving its contribution to develop products to enhance rumen fermentation efficiency and calf health. The main focus lies on reducing the adverse effects of mycotoxins and improving performance and gut health in calves and adult animals.

Our products have proven their efficacy for many years. As well as stimulating rumen development in dairy calves,Phiphar provides cost effective protection of intestinal integrity and reduces diarrhoea in veal calves while feeding milk diets based on alternative sources of protein.

Moreover, not only fertility and reproduction problems are tackled by means of reducing the incidence of mycotoxicosis. Reduction of coccidiosis, also cell count and excretion of toxins in the milk have been reduced using one of our sustainable solutions.


Feed purification

Water purification


Nourish intestine  (Inhibit harmful bacteria)

Nutrition for feed

  • 60% Rumen-protected methionine
  • 60% Rumen-protected Lysine
  • 85% Rumen-protected urea