Efficient Pig Production

The need to reduce the overall cost of production remains the number one objective within the pig industry with the feed cost having the biggest impact. The unpredictable and high variability of raw material costs (cereals, proteins and fats) and the ever growing and more complex load of toxins contamination continue to have a negative impact on pig productivity.

As genetic improvements continue in the breeding stock the nutritionist’s challenge is to formulate the correct balance of nutrients throughout the life stages to ensure the increased genetic potential is expressed in terms of ADG, FC and prolificacy. Constraints on feed intake -especially in the case of piglets and lactating sows- remain an important focus in improving overall financial profitability for a producer.

Besides production, performance is negatively affected by intensive production stresses leading to disease problems, immunological disorders and gut flora imbalances. Modern pig production has been utilizing antibiotics as a tool in keeping these issues under control for decades. Bacteria naturally develop resistance to antibiotics, and there is evidence that global levels of resistance are increasing. Potentially, any use of antibiotics can eventually affect the efficacy of health management.  For this reason, additives such as AGPs, medicated premixes and zinc oxide are no longer available and the use of alternative additives is required.

These challenges require research organizations, feed and additive manufacturers and pig producers to constantly strive for more efficient and novel ways to overcome the problems faced while at the same time reducing the overall cost of production to ensure a cost competitive final product.


Phiphar develops products to preserve the feed and to meet the increased performance standards of sows, piglets and growing pigs.

Our specialists are able to bring solutions to various challenges faced in pig production, from molds and the problems related to digestion of raw materials to diarrhoea or immunodeficiencies, as well as to prevent and treat bacterial infections.Besides, we produce reproductive hormones to improve the swine production flow and profitability on farms.

Our own R&D facilities allow us to continually evaluate and update the product range to bring you solutions to well known and new performance challenges.


Feed purification

Water purification


Nourish intestine  (Inhibit harmful bacteria)