Project Description

Three companion


Clostridium butyricum≥1.0×109cfu/kg

Bacillus licheniformis≥1.0×1012cfu/kg

Bacillus subtilis≥1.0×1012cfu/kg

 Product function:

1,Provide gut energy, balance animal intestinal flora
Clostridium butyricum can produce butyric acid, which is the first energy in intestinal cells, to promote repair of intestinal mucosa. It promotes the beneficial bacteria proliferation, inhibit pathogens.
2,Continuous production of enzymes to promote digestion, prevent water feces, and feed passage Clostridium butyricum and bacillus subtilis are producing a lot of digestive enzymes, can effectively promote digestion in small intestine, and 2nd digestion of remaining nutrients in big intestine.
3,Prevent and treat necrotic enteritis
Clostridium butyricum metabolite butyricin7423 shows obvious inhibitory effect on many harmful clostridium, which can effectively prevent necrotic enteritis and other intestinal diseases.
4、Good stability and resistance,can be compatible with a variety of antibiotics
5、Reduce the ammonia smell in feces to improve the breeding environment


For poultry (including turkey)

Broilers (prestarter, starter, grower, finisher ration)          100-200g/t

Layer                                                                                              100-200g/t

Suckling pigs:                                                                               200-500g/t

Growing pigs:                                                                               100-300 g/t

Ruminant:                                                                                     200-400g/t


Store under dry conditions below 25ºC.

Expiry date is 18 months after date of manufacture.


25 kg bags or 10kg bags