Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA)

– The best source of creatine

also known as Glycocyamine or guanidinoacetate or 2-guanidinoacetic acid

GAA is the direct endogenous precursor of creatine in the organism of all vertebrates. The body produces GAA from the amino acids glycine and arginine, and creatine from GAA and methionine. Creatine is an essential biomolecule for proper function of energy transfer and supply. Creatine levels in the body can be improved by approx. 20-30 %. In contrast to other nutrients creatine directly reloads ATP for energy supply and prevents formation of reactive oxygen substances in times of high energy demand. Therefore, creatine is of primary importance in places with high energy need, such as skeletal muscle, heart, brain, sperm and immune cells.

How does it work in animal body?
please refer to Action mechanisms

Regulatory Compliance Status worldwide
– in USA:
Guanidinoacedic acid is an FDA approved feed additive (21 CFR & 573.496) and may be safely used in broiler chicken and turkey feeds.
– in EU:
Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/1768 of 4 October 2016 concerning the authorisation of guanidinoacetic acid as a feed additive for chickens for fattening, weaned piglets and pigs for fattening and repealing Commission Regulation (EC) No 904/2009.
– in China:
An Announcement No. 2167 of the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China in 2014 signified a five year patent was implemented,declaring GAA was permitted to be used a new type feed additive for growing pigs and chicken.

How to obtain optimal utilization of guanidino acetic acid?
Comparing with adding creatine directly into feeds,It is better adding guanidinoacetic acid instead due to its outstanding stability in pelleted processing and high bioavailability to the animal. The granulated form with starch is ideal to match the handling needs of the feed industry. It is virtually dust free, free flowing and has outstanding handling characteristics.

Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) is highly recommended to use together with methionine and betaine at a suitable ratio.
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