Project Description


NICARBAZIN 8%+MONENSIN 8% is an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis in broiler chickens,rearing pullets and turkeys caused by Eimeria tenella, E.acervulina, E. maxima, E. necatrix, E. brunetti, E. mitis and E. praecox in chickens for fattening and E. meleagrimitis, E. adenoeides, E. gallopavonis, E. meleagridis and E.dispersa in turkeys.


Each 1 kg contain:

Monensin 80 g

Nicarbazin 80 g

Excipients   840 g


Pharmacological action

NICARBAZIN 8%+MONENSIN 8% is a coccidiostat containing the active ingredients monensin and nicarbazin. The combined strength of the ionophore monensin and the chemical nicarbazin leads toa unique new product in coccidiosis control. NICARBAZIN 8%+MONENSIN 8% is effective against coccodiosis caused by Eimeria tenella, E. acervulina, E. brunetti, E. maxima, E.necatrix, E. mitis andE. praecox affecting chickens for fattening andchickens reared for laying and against Eimeria gallopavonis, E. meleagridis, E. dispersa, E. Adenoeides and E. meleagrimitis affecting turkeys.


Dangerous for equines. This feedingstuff contains an ionophore: avoid simultaneous administration with tiamulin and monitor for possible adverse reactions when used concurrently with other medicinal substances. Do not administer to chickens reared for laying over 16 weeks of age. Do not feed to laying chickens. Do not administer to turkeys over 16 weeks of age. Do not feed undiluted to animals.


Mode of administration

Orally, well homogenized into the feed. NICARBAZIN 8%+MONENSIN 8% should be thoroughly and evenly mixed in the feed in accordance with current good manufacturing practice for medicated feed.


broilerchickensrearing pullets turkeys
Content of monensin/nicarbazin in complete feedingstuff (ppm)minimum 40/40 40/40 40/40
maximum 50/50 50/50 50/50
Quantity of nicarbazin 8%+monensin8% incorporated in feed               (g per ton)minimum 500 500 500
maximum 625 500 500

Mixing instruction:

Ensure uniform dispersion of enramycin premix in feed by method of multi-stage mixing. Or add to combined feed through a commercially produced vitamin  and mineral premix.


Store under dry conditions below 25ºC.

Expiry date is 2 (two) years after date of manufacture.


25 kg bags: Inner lining is made of polyethylene; outer layer is made of 3-ply paper.


Dangerous for equines. Poultry should not be treated with tiamulin for at least seven days before or after receiving feed containing NICARBAZIN 8%+MONENSIN 8%. When mixing, direct contact withthe skin andmucous membranes should be avoided. Accidental ingestion should be avoided. Wear overalls, safety glasses, mask and impervious gloves when handling ormixing the product. Contaminated clothing should be removed and any splashes on tothe skin should be washed off immediately. If accidental eye contact occurs, immediately rinse thoroughly with water. Seek medical advice if irritation persists. Wash hands after use.